KidsWoodWorld Founded and run in UAE by Najmat Al Sajaa Carpentry, KidsWoodWorld is a bespoke furniture brand with one vision. To creating your thoughts We believe that every space, wherever it is, should have a story and a personal connection with those that occupy it. Your furniture should be for life, so who are we to stop you from deciding what it looks like. Najmat Al Sajaa Carpentry founder of KidsWoodWorld desire to introduce a more creative approach to curating furniture for the home; by putting the customer in the designer’s seat. Through wood we work with customers and clients to bring their design vision or space experience to life. Furniture or structures for commercial spaces, F&B concepts and homes. Every piece we create is made right here in UAE by a team of creative craftspeople who have a strict eye for design and a passion for what they do. Browse our made-to-order Bunk Beds Collection and design your own piece of furniture online, shop our Products section or contact us to book an appointment for bespoke projects and orders. We love creating your thoughts.


Once upon a time Custom furniture was the only option, your chairs, tables, cabinets, and beds, are all handmade by a craftsman, with each piece made individually. Most furniture these days is not custom, as pieces and parts are made in bulk for quick, cheap assembly and to service the needs of a mass market. Custom furniture does not necessarily mean handmade. Rather, it means that instead of being made according to a preset design, it is bespoke and designed specifically according to the client's needs and desires. This could mean a design is drawn and then imputed into a machine for production, or as is more often the case, parts are handmade by a craftsman for the ultimate quality workmanship. But what does it mean to have custom furniture? It means you have something wonderfully unique, a one of a kind piece, that reflects your home perfectly. It often means collaborating with a true craftsman to design and engineer the piece, so you feel involved with the production. It means high quality, a choice of Materials and finishing. It means having a piece of furniture that will become an heirloom and you would be glad to pass down.


Furniture is made-to-order if production begins only when a customer orders it. For example, KIDSWOODWORLD Furniture only makes made-to-order furniture; we don’t pre-make or keep an inventory of finished pieces. The term “made-to-order,” used as a descriptor for furniture, implies exclusivity and, often, luxury. It gives furniture a certain prestige, given that others can’t buy the same thing anywhere else. Technically, any manufacturer can declare made-to-order status withany product under their brand—even if they use the exact process that other manufacturers use in creating a similar product. It is this type of marketing and branding that sometimes dilutes the meaning and significance of “made-to-order.” Buyers need to do their research before purchasing furniture that labels itself as such. One reason why these terms are used interchangeably is that these processes often work in tandem, creating a manufacturing overlap. For instance, it’s possible to customize handmade furniture, customize made-to-order furniture,andmake handmade furniture made-to-order


One of the best things about having something made custom, is that you can be involved in the design and make sure it is perfect for you. Imagine designing your own bed, picking decorative nail finish, beautiful upholstery, and wood finishes to match your décor, made to fit exactly into space in your room. Perhaps, you want to convert your downstairs basement into a fun bar area, why not design your own plush sectional, tables, and chairs to make it absolutely you.


For customizing furniture we need to take the sizes and see the layout of the room where you want to put the furniture then we make designs accordingly. We bring our complete catalog along with the samples of material and colors catalog so that you can see our full designs range and can check and select the material and colors for your bed.